Small Business I.T. Consulting 

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Our mission ~ I.T. Support that is...

High Quality
We are knowledgeable and thorough with a wide base of expertise and 16 years of diverse I.T. experience.

We offer competitive rates and high productivity. We look for the most cost effective technology for the job.

Personable, communicative, responsive
We believe that clear communication is second only to providing the best technical solutions along with quick response times.

Worry free
The less you worry about I.T., the more time and energy you have for what you do best.

The success of your organization is important to us.

We make sure that you fully understand your I.T. choices and that you understand the I.T. work that we are proposing and the work that we have done.
About Blue Surf I.T. ~
We are a customer satisfaction driven full service I.T. Consulting firm based in Southern California. We specialize in providing support to small to medium size businesses, and non-profit organizations.